Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Subaru STI in The Fast and The Furious

The new Fast and The Furious movie opening April 3rd is Spotlighting the 2009 Subaru STI as one of its main cars. Take a look at the Movie trailer below, and when you get really exited about buying a new Subaru STI, Visit Bob Baker Subaru! If you already own a Subaru STI then this movie just confirms the possibilities of what you can do with your car. For Subaru SPT parts please visit Subaru SPT.

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  1. It reminded me of a cross between my car which is an 08/Subaru Outback, and my sister in-laws car which is a 09/Subaru Imprezza. All and all, it just looks sweet. I think I smell a trade in coming up...

  2. Any time you are ready for that trade-in, cotact me at!!